Interview World With Ms. Shweta Shah

Hello everyone. Welcome to Interview World presented by Pens N Paper. We are again here to take along with us one another interesting talk show. This time our guest is none other than Ms. Shweta Shah, the authoress of “I Wear The Smile You Gave”. We are very glad to have such kind of personality in our show.

Before starting the conversation we would like to pen down a little information about her.DSC_7217 (1)


Having studied Computers as the main stream of education, Shweta Shah is also a German language specialist and had been working in IT field.

Keeping the family as a priority she is now an entrepreneur who is bold and decisive enough to run her business efficiently all by herself.

She is extremely jovial and friendly.

Contact Information:




Facebook page




PNP: Tell about your journey from a normal person to an author.


-》Actually I always wanted to be an author right since my childhood with writing short stories and poems so this was something that I penned down and it happened to turn out to be a novel.


PNP: Was your family supportive from the very beginning?


-》Yeah definitely. Actually my Dad also writes very good poems. One of my uncles is a journalist which was a trend in my family.


PNP: At which age did you start writing? Did it start with composing scribbles and couplets?


-》Right since my fifth standard on wards. Yeah.


PNP: Tell me about the first book which made you cry. Did it work as your inspiration? Do you view writing as kind of spiritual practice?


-》The first book which made me cry was P. S. I love you. The one which i read. Definitely it worked as my inspiration. Yes spiritual.


PNP: What is the most difficult thing about writing characters from opposite gender?


-》The most difficult part is you have to be in the character and think like the opposite gender. It is the practicality.


PNP: Tell me about your views on traditional publishing house and self- publishing house.


-》Traditional is something which I would always prefer because their reach out for the distribution is very high and definitely it’s a brand but self -publishing is also a grooming cell. People are going for self -publishing as traditional publishers are bit sceptical on accepting new comers or new authors so they definitely prefer to go to self- publishing but as everything like a coin has 2sides so publishing has traditional and self- publishing as well. There are many challenges which one has to go through be it traditional or self- publishing but at the end what matters is you are an author and your book is being sold.


PNP: Tell me about your best -selling book “I wear the smile you gave”.

-》This is an inspired story from people and the lives of people around whom i know very well and it has definitely touched me because as the story goes this guy goes this guy Ajit is a commoner and there is a girl called Aditi. There comes a time when Aditi happens to confess in a wrong place and wrong time how she feels for him and those screws him up completely. He later founds that no this is not what I want and the girl of my dreams is in my coaching. Of course it is one sided love. There is a tragedy that Ajit to prove his dad joins army. Later on, again this connects to me Aditi and Ajit once again meet but now their lives change forever that is the story all about. It is completely on fiction.



PNP: Does it contain any message to the society? If so then what it is?


-》Yes definitely. It is that no matter what the life adversity is one has to face life’s challenges and keep smiling and move on.


 PNP: What do you need to know about a project before you start it?


-》Background research is most important and I should feel like the person then only i can pen it down which is most important.


PNP: How much time did it take to complete this book of yours?


-》The first job was completed in 20days then editing took longer. As the story has already been narrated to me and I could place myself on the shoes of the protagonist it was easy for me to write it.


PNP: Did you use to maintain a schedule to write the novel?


-》No schedule as such because I already have a family to take care of and my barriers also. As the idea popped up I used to write it down. On my mobile or laptop this was always with me


PNP: How do you take criticism from your critics? Is it really helpful to you?


-》Yes definitely. Critics are always welcomed because they give me an opportunity to grow and help me to look at life from the other angle also so I take it quite sportingly and critics are always welcomed.


PNP: Do you prefer to edit your work if you get something better constructive?


-》Yes definitely because there is always scope for improvement as in if I get a review that there is something wrong or something which provokes me that Shweta you have to change it over here. Yeah then it is accepted.


PNP: Don’t you think it somewhere suppresses the creative genius?


-》Not always. I won’t be taking word by word. If I really feel that this could be done because see being a first timer and after reading end number of books I do know this is my master piece but a small slight change is always accepted.


PNP: Message to the budding writers for betterment in their writing.


-》I would suggest them that never give up on writing and never compare your work with others because this is generally we tend to do okay fine I have written a book and compare that this person has written way better than me. We keep on thinking and try to pull ourselves down that’s not what’s accepted because every person is unique and I do respect each and every author because I do understand how much of effort one has to put in.


PNP: Who is your favourite author?


-》I have got many like Amitava Ghosh, Anuja Chauhan.


PNP: Do you go for dramas?


-》No not that much actually.


PNP: Are you thinking of any next project?


-》I am currently working on one. It’s a fiction again but the story is entirely different based on a relationship between a mother and a daughter.


PNP: What is success to you?


-》For me success is contentment. It is not getting on in any competition with anybody but so long you are in a competition with yourself you will be able to prove yourself to yourself. That’s it. I strictly don’t believe in the rat race you know.


PNP: In which do you believe luck or hardship?


-》Actually both are equally important to me without hardship you cannot go anywhere but luck is also important. If a person is scoring 98 or 99 and not been able to make an interview that doesn’t count. May be that luck factor is absent. However, an average, a commoner gets a job then that’s luck. That’s all I do feel.


PNP: How did publishing your first book and the enormous response changed your life?


-》A lot you know. I keep on getting mails and messages like ma’am I want to publish my book I want your views. After all I am nobody to judge then but they count me as an ideal. It feels good. But then I remind myself that I am a commoner nothing special about it.


PNP: Do you have any message for your fans?


-》Well fans as in I don’t consider them as fans rather my friends. My message would be doing keep reading and never give up on life. There are many adversaries. Life is full of challenges. Never do give up.


PNP: After the huge response for your work on this would you write for your fans or will be based on your thoughts as you used to do beforehand?


-》I would definitely keep my work original not influenced. It will be what I want to convey to the audience. After all I can’t keep everybody happy, can’t fulfil everybody’s desires but then whatever I will write will be entertaining and people will love it that’s what I can say.

We thank our guest Ms. Shweta Shah for enlightening us and budding writers through her noble gesture. We wish your success for your future and hope this recent book could fulfil your expectation and reader’s too.

[N. S. :- The whole conversation was done over the telephone. This one was a telephonic interview.]


DSC_7217 (1)









Authoress Shweta Shah



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Interviewer – Suchita Chakraborty[ Pens N Paper]


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